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Foundation of the CHAHAR SAHAB CONSULTANCY is based on the basic principle of building a confidence amongst the people for FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY and the changing environment where understanding of the financial knowledge is imperative. Knowledge empowerment and learning of the TOOLS and Techniques of the FINANCIAL WORLD are very requisite of the times. So company has chosen the domain of imparting FINANCIAL EDUCATION and TRAINING to operate softwares as well as machines.

Further company wants to create EMPLOYMENT to the YOUTH with minimal RISK and minimum resources of students. Also company in the changing scenario of market will catch the OPPORTUNITIES whereby employment to maximum people can be accessed with respect to their eligibilities and capacities. Company wants to make realize maximum people the 75th year of independence as ‘AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTSAV’ by giving the financial freedom .

Primarily our focus is to provide training to the students to clear the exams of NISM CERTIFICATES related to EQUITY DERIVATIVES, CURRENCY DERIVATIVES AND OPTION STRATEGIES and provide practical learning to operate softwares. At the same time basic knowledge of TECHNICAL ANALYSES so that students can feel fully confided to trade in the market.

Those who are interested in CRYPTO CURRENCY MARKET, we are providing them seize the OPPORTUNITIES of TRADING and INVESTMENT through networking or referral programmes. Company will help them grow their business and NETWORK both. It is the least cost effective programme.

Next company is adhered to “ Building Lifelong relationships rooted in performance & trust.”and long term value addition. We take care of client/people centric approach. We strongly believe to associate with giants who are excelling in their fields and are well equipped with updated technology, ethics and professionalism alonwith research based value investing & implementation of cutting edge technology. Integrity, honesty with confidentiality and transperancy in our business dealings are the basic premises.

Next the sole founder of this company Mr. Chandrasen Chahar is well educated and versatile personality having adroitness over market behavior. He has been trading and researching the Indian market for last 12 years with his TECHNICAL SKILLS based on ELLIOT WAVE THEORY / NEOWAVE THEORY and to some extent GANN PRINCIPLES coupled with outsourced astro-analyses of learned ones.

Technical Analysis

  • Exploring the basics of technical analysis, which involves analyzing historical price and volume data to predict future price movements.

Market Indices

  • Understanding stock market indices and their significance (e.g., S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average).
  • Learning how indices are calculated and what they represent.

Risk Management

  • Discussing the importance of diversification and asset allocation.
  • Exploring strategies for managing risk in an investment portfolio
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Features of Our Courses

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  • Discussing the role of regulatory bodies in overseeing the stock market.
  • Exploring ethical considerations
Psychology of Investing

Common behavioral biases that affect investment decisions. Emotions and their impact on trading and decision-making.

Market News and Analysis

How to interpret financial news and reports. Staying informed about market trends and events

Regulations and Legal Aspects

Understanding insider trading rules and other regulations. Regulatory bodies overseeing the stock market.